Old Monk for the Mallu

Eat- Rum Poached Apples
Prey- Apples and Old Monk (thats for the mallu in me)
Love- Yes
What happens when you are at home on a Sunday and (a) have no work..(b) friends live atleast 1.5 hrs away and have their own family plans on sunday (c) your one and only company is working away on his laptop creating and recreating ppts and worksheets…
(a) woke up after 11= check
(b) watched re-runs of sitcoms= check
(c) ate previous night’s takeout pizza/chinese food for brunch= check
(d) watching Salmam Khan’s Wanted/Bodyguard/Ready for the 5th time on StarGold= check
and your are still bored….
so sugar went into the saucepan with some water for caramelisation, then in goes some rum along with water and cinnamon and vanilla and plopped some cored apples and they cooked cooked and cooked….voila Apples Poached in Rum…pairs lovely with butterscotch ice-cream… 🙂

FYI my garden balcony is showing some signs of life (luckily this time i havent mananged to kill the plants!!!)