In Santa’s land

(well not really…Santa’s airport more like it!!)

What happens when one has to spend 5 hours at an airport in Lapland cause somebody crossed immigration unknowingly and lost the golden opportunity to step out into snow clad wonderland…

we eat cheesecake with lingonberry sauce….

Curiosity got the better of me when I popped in a piece of humble looking cured meat only to be told that is REINDEER MEAT…. sorry Rudolf but u taste very good…I also ate cold smoked caviar only to regret it and chomped on some liquorice to change the taste in my mouth. I was tempted to pick the reindeer meat and bear meat to take home, but taking the said meat outside EU is banned.. 😦

Finland..your transit lounge keeps me well occupied, you definitely deserve a visit! Hope to see u soon…