Senorita in the making

About 2 months back, I wrote that I try to channel my energy into learning something new every time i am faced with lemons in life.

This morning i received news of one of the lemonades that I have been making for the past 15 months. I cleared my A2 level fluency exam in Spanish.

Nearly everyone asked/ask me why I chose to learn a language now. I spend a good amount of my salary coughing up the fees, block all my weekends to attend classes, drive to another state in the early morning just to meet a bunch of crazy people who want to learn Espanol con mucho entusiasmo! Most of my classmates are students or young professionals. But I have also met some interesting people with sad/inspiring/quirky backstories.

Only one person never asked ‘why’ rather only said ‘i am proud of you’ and that happens to be the Man. The Man is a forced workaholic (partly by his choice as well i think); his entire workweek and a good portion of weekends are dedicated to work. He always supports skill acquisition but sadly isn’t left with much time on his hands these days. Guess that is why he is appreciative of the fact that I am keen on learning something and supports me in every possible way.

To all the people who ask me why do i study ‘at this age’, i simply ask them – what do you do on your weekend mornings? The answer primarily is ‘i sleep till late’. I then don’t bother replying to them cause they are really not worth my time and tengo que estudiar mucho…

Hasta la vista.. :-*




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