Every time I think I need to start blogging all over again…LIFE happens!

I have a habit of putting the blog on the back burner every time something ‘other than blog’ comes up. Sometimes (rather most of the time) its work, or another endless list of weddings in my family, travel (mostly to meet social commitments), or hobbies which has now totally consumed a good chunk of my weekends.

Till yesterday when I was chatting to a friend and she pointed out that life will ALWAYS happen, its for me to choose what needs to be prioritised and what not.

This space has been neglected by me for a long time now. Its like that ‘once-sexy-but-now-no-longer-fitting-black-dress’ which I pull out from the trunk every once in a while and remember the good old days. I remember the time I had blog friends from various parts of the world who would post every fortnight and each one secretly wished to be the first one to comment.

Most of them have stopped blogging now and I guess I stopped too when ‘life took over’. But this is still the space I come back to whenever I want a glimpse of a bygone ‘me’ 😀

I may ignore you blog space but you are still my black dress and like my black dress I will never throw you out of my life and will always try to fit myself into it 🙂

Choco pudding

In the meantime here is some chocolate almond cake with orange chocolate sauce  for some soul searching…


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