Let Them Eat Cake!

This year has been a year of cakes for me. On personal front, I really upped my game (purely personal opinion 😉 ), but when compared with the general baking stands, I still have a long way to go.

The inspiration started around September 2014 when I was inspired by a red velvet cake my cousin made for her fiancé. A talented baker that she is, she won the heart of her beau through his stomach and the rest is history. I came up with the plan to make red velvet cuppies, but the plan flopped as the ‘safe edible’ food color I got was not ‘Xmas Red’ but ‘Red’ which strangely gave out a hot pink color!! Next came learning the frosting- I spent a week trying to learn to control the piping bag!! Everyday I came back from office and kept piping swirls till midnight. I think I smelt of puke those nights with all the cream cheese and white butter! A week later I churned out this… Pink Velvet Cupcakes!


Year 2014 ended I was on a yoga detox, travelled, didn’t cook much. May was Mother’s Day and it happened to be my MIL’s birthday. She loves pineapple! SIL and I decided to throw a surprise mother’s day-cum-bday lunch and the cake of the day was Pineapple Buttercream Cake!


I replicated the Pineapple BC cake for a colleague- who didn’t want a lot of ‘jazz’ in her cake.


Come September again, MIL wanted to invite the new BIL’s family for lunch and I had immediately grabbed the dessert duty. This was my first attempt going eggfree and for a week my colleagues kept receiving test samples of eggfree chocolate cake. After playing with BC a lot, I wanted to try the ‘simple’ ganache frosting. I thought the cake was the tough part and ganache frosting is very simple according to the youtube videos I saw… but boy it was NOT SIMPLE!!! While making ganache is simpler than BC, handling ganache even with water and palate knife tried my patience to the max. End result was an eggfree Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache. According to the man, this is my best cake till date.


I did a boozy version of the same cake for his birthday 2 months later, pics of that will soon be updated.

Lessons Learnt:

  • Good skills learnt over the last one year.
  • So many more skills to learn in the coming year.
  • Lots of kilos piled on just ‘tasting’ the frosting!
  • And why eat bread when you can afford cake! 😛

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