Delhi Marathon… Check!

Well almost!…ok fine….i only did the Great Delhi Run! Well that’s all I am capable of right now keeping in mind my fitness scorecard!

I was brought up with the mindset that top 3 ranks in class is all that mattered ultimately in life. I did go to piano, drawing and dance classes, but sports was never the agenda. Then came the brother-in-law, for whom sports is a way of life- not something you did in your childhood, but an activity you carried on in life to help you survive the mundane routine of daily life. He managed to get 2 cows- my sister and me running. When I heard that my Chettan did a half marathon, I was kicked, but always thought that half marathon is for boys and Ethiopian women. Until I signed up for airtel delhi half marathon.

So the great delhi run is a mess, very crowded. You will feel like being stranded on rajiv chowk metro station/stuck in virar fast at peak hour. But the energy of the crowd present makes one forget everything. I was happy that I did the GDR, till I went to the refreshment area. The number of middle aged indian women who completed the 21km run was not small. It was pleasantly surprised at seeing so many women train and complete the half marathon. Extremely humbling and very embarrassing for me, considering the amount I huffed and panted with 6Km.

On the metro back, I saw a women extremely tired after her 21km. During our tete-a-tete she told me that she did the 21k after 14 years; she got tired after 10km but the motivation to reach the finish line was the fact that her 18 year old daughter and 23 year old son were waiting there!!

With the learnings from the 7th edition of the race, I hope to do the 21km soon (I need that finishers medal!!!!!)…who knows may be adhm 2015!! 😉

Till then keep running… 🙂


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