Tony Paranthas and more…

Last Sunday we indulged in food from both ends of the price bands. That I am love food and have a herd mentality in this aspect has been divulged in my previous post. But occasionally I am possessed by a certain madness to eat at a specific place, it starts as a small idea mostly while reading food blogs or watching food shows; then it festers in my mind and finally I become crazy till I go there. For the sake of his sanity, the Man volunteers to take me 🙂

Yesterday we lunched at the object of my recent obsession – Indian Accent. I chanced upon it when I read about the restaurants that won those ‘best restaurant’ awards. Then I happened to see Manish Mehrotra, sweating, panting while finely finishing off and ultimately winning Foodistan- despite the pressure, the man’s love and respect for Indian food shone threw. In a FB update I saw the mini pressure cooker in which he serves the anar chooran sorbet and then I was possessed.

Greeted by lovely marigold flowers, the place is sparingly decorated- an occasional ghenda phool here and there. Located in what my friend calls ‘arsehole of new friends colony’, the place was packed. And thankfully no one ‘dressed up’ to eat here!

We chose the Chef’s Tasting Menu (non-vegetarian). The menu can be downloaded from here. Each course was different, but the underlying theme was every day Indian food with a twist you could never imagine eg. Humble ragda pattice interpreted as a ball of potato lacha and ragda mash. The Kerala themed main course- I could never imagine having idiappam with pumpkin curry- but the dish works. Wasabi cucumber raita!!!…Blue cheese naan, smoked bacon stuffed kulcha, lamb stuffed paranthas..tony paranthas in the tony hotel in the tony neighbourhood!

Iz pics

I had my initial apprehensions about portion sizes in a tasting menu (well I was a tasting menu varzin) but we were so full that we went for a walk in new friends colony before getting into our car (thus inviting strange glares from the security and valet). Back home I googled for some of his recipes- they are very very simple. But its his imagination and the execution which makes Indian Accent a cut (err…many cuts) above the rest!

True to being me, I had a mini faux pas moment when I was relishing the ‘palate cleanser’ anar chooran sorbet as a dessert and the waitstaff came to clear the plates and I had the stick in my mouth. I gave the embarrassed-middle-class-girl-in-la di da-environment look. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to eat the whole of it, since I was supposed to leave some space for main course!! (Mental note- learn how to make the sorbet)

The staff requires special mention- extremely friendly and helpful and absolutely NO SNOBBERY. When we looked confused at the food, they were kind enough to explain components rather than give us a condescending look. It is so refreshing to see such a restaurant, all the awards and the reputation associated with it, to be very warm and inviting.

Dear Chef Mehrotra- I had (and still have) great respect for your non-compromising attitude towards hospitality. But after the Indian Accent experience, I have started LOVING you!! J


PPS: I will steal some of the cutlery if there ever is a second time.


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