Plain-Jane Paranthas

Vyapar Kendra in Sushant Lok, Ggn is my go to spot for groceries, veg/fruits, electrical parts, etc. VK is also famous for its tapris/thelas- On Diwali eve I saw 25 people queuing up to buy jalebis! (I was too busy that day, but I will join the herd and try that jalebs :P) They even have a Japanese ‘bakery’ Iroha at VK. Ok time for me to stop waxing lyrical abt VK and its wonders.

Last Sunday I reached VK for my weekly grocery shopping as usual. While lugging my 7 kgs of vegetable kingdom, I saw ppl flocking a thela. Now I have a problem- whenever I see hordes of people thronging a certain eatery, I too want to join the gang. Yes herd mentality it is, but mine is restricted only to food!!

Roll roll roll the dough

Roll roll roll the dough

It was a Parantha Man!!! I was hungry after foraging through the crates for fresh vegetables and fighting with line-breaking-uncles/aunties. Paranthas seemed to be the perfect mood ‘uplifter’ :p


Parantha Man, as I now call him, has the Big Three- Potato, Cauliflower and Paneer. Greed overtook calorie crunching and I order one of each. It’s a treat to watch PM make the paranthas, tearing the dough from the large basin, skilfully filling the dough with the stuffing, carelessly rolling the dough into a neat circle, to deftly placing it on a tawa for it to be cooked to perfection. The end result- golden discs which are crispy on the outside yet soft inside. The stuffing is sufficient- not overflowing, the paranthas are simple- only spiced with green chillies or red chilly powder in case of paneer.

Frying them up

Frying them up

Most members of the herd tuck into the paranthas and finish off their meal with some hot tea from the Tea Uncle, whose tea borders on kheer. The damage was Rs. 110 for 3 paranthas and rajma, but I wasn’t keen on the rajma. We savoured it with some homemade mango chutney. The paranthas are value for money- three paranthas were a bit too much for the Man and me.

Crisped to perfection

Crisped to perfection

PM is now my go to man when I feel lazy to cook on Sundays (which is a regular feeling as far as I am concerned). If you ever land up in VK, do give Parantha Man a try. Sometimes you have to turn a blind eye to the location of the thela… 😛


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