Finding Mr. Darcy

(This post is the outcome of many hours spent listening to various stories abt how the ‘right guy’ is non-existent/married/taken/gay)

I missed watching a much awaited movie with a similar title but I cudnt miss Bridget Jones- Edge of Reason today…Yes I watched it from 7.15 am to 8.30 am amidst some stretching exercise, brushing, breakfasting, showering (during ad break) and changing – all in front of the telly! (My cooking Kiran and cleaning Kiran gave me the ‘Didi-is-crazier-when-Bhaiya-is-not-around’ look)

My love for Bridget is not new, I have always identified with her (‘yes I will always be little fat’) and I dont have high regard for my ‘wobbly bits’ 😉 I read Helen Fielding’s book during my ‘singleton’ days and truth to be told, it was a hilarious take on the situations some of which I had faced myself. We were both in the same situation- wondering if we will ever find Mr. Right or “end up dying alone and being found three weeks later half eaten by an Alsatian” (although I played it cool on the outside saying marriage ties me down and I am too focused on my career…blah blah blah J )

At the end of Book I, Bridget found Mr. Darcy and end of Book II, Bridget realises that Mr. Darcy is Mr. Right. My favourite scene in the movie BJ-Edge of Reason is in the end when, in front of a room full trade law analysts, Bridget confesses her willingness to be with Mark and Mark says this proposition is not the most romantic that he has heard, to which Brig says ‘may be it is romantic because it is not, just becoz there is no music playing or its not snowing, it doesn’t mean it can’t be something’. How many times in life have we faced a situation when we look at (stalk) our friends/colleagues/people-added-on-social-networking-sites-only-for-us-to-feel-jealous’ profiles and feel that there is a dearth of romance in our relationship becoz we aren’t on a European holiday or exploring molecular gastronomy or flaunting the diamonds or cars? The clumsy Ms. Jones unintentionally gives us fodder for thought…

During the course of Book II Bridget is faced with insecurities abt Mark Darcy, while Darcy is fighting his own insecurity battles. Its very interesting to see that Bridget (well aware of the fact that Darcy is an Eton-educated, successful barrister who on more than one occasion has proved to her that he will never leave her side) does not really find Mark Darcy ‘cool’/’dashing’ as Daniel Cleaver, the guy who always gets her panties in a knot but but is still irresistible only to later leave her to fend for herself when in trouble. Rather she thinks Mark is someone who is incapable of doing anything spontaneous or potentially affectionate and went to a school where they stuck a poker up his ass that he was never allowed to remove again!

I have heard my singleton girl pals talk abt how they can’t find their Mr. Right; the usual complaint being the guy just lacks chutzpah* (yaar bande mein smartness bilkul nahi hai, spark nahi hai…romantic nahi hai, just likes to talk work-like ppl of my father’s age, et al). Sometimes it also extends to wondering loudly how ‘hot-and-happening’ girls end up with ‘uncleji type’ bfs/husbands. Followed by swooning at the sight of (much married for long time) Fawad Khan, stating he is who they want to be with or his type… Darlings, what really matters is whether this man


… Sometimes Mr. Imperfect can be Mr. Right 🙂 (Colin Firth is right any day!!!)

PS: Sometimes I wonder what if Mark Darcy wasn’t played by the delicious Colin Firth, would I still adore him??….hmmmm….that’s for another time… 😉

PPS: Orkut comes to an end today….who will do fraandsheev with me!!! 😦

* Reference is made to guys who tick all the boxes for the girls, except the ‘chutzpah’


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