The cuppy that humbled me

Cupcake 2

Unlike many people who find inner peace while doing it, yours truly is not a fan of baking. Baking is science and I am forced to remember the long forgotten lessons of chemistry and physics. I am more the ‘eye balling cook’ or as they say in hindi cooking by ‘andaza’. This post is not a recipe for the cuppy, but how this innocent looking thing managed to humble me.

Last weekend, a certain 7 year-old-extremely-fussy-about-his-food kid gave me a big morale boost when he chose my pineapple pudding over 2 other desserts and after licking clean the bowl looked at me and did the mudra which means very good. I did a ‘dance of triumph’ in my head to the tune of Happy! On my way back home, I announced to the Man that I will make red velvet cupcake next week for his sister on her birthday (only to receive a ‘why-are-u-telling-me-u-know-i-hardly-care’ look) because I want to present a novel cake.

I set off with a friend/colleague to INA to buy baking supplies and faced a bill that ran upto INR 1000. Now the hippie in me did not want to use red food coloring thinking abt carcinogens and what nots, so I ended up buying a kilo of beetroot. From then on the colleagues started getting abused by the onslaught of test batches- tasted too much like beetroot, tasted like pickled cake (due to excess vinegar), tasted bitter coz beetroot reacted with apple cider vinegar, tasted fine but looked like candy floss pink cake. Every morning my cooking lady was greeted by the sight of red/purple/maroon kitchen. By Friday, the recipe was ready and i had sufficiently practiced frosting.

D-day arrived and the baker was up at 7 am to quickly make a batch and then have the rest of the day free. The beetroots refused to dance to my tunes, the first batch looked ugly..plain ugly..goey and uncooked in the centre. The next batch turned orange as the beets reacted with baking powder. I was then tempted to use the Dr.Oteker red color which my friend gave a safety net. I slowly started adding the color and to my horror, the red looking color was pink!!! I kept adding the color thinking it will turn red, but alas, it kept turning into a shade of neon pink which slowly made the cake look inedible. Further, there was some faulty measurement of oil and I ended up with a pink looking halwa (very similar to what my niece makes with playdoh!!). It was then that I realized that the baking gods, unhappy with my pride, decided to teach me a lesson. Humbled and made to swallow my pride, this is the cuppy that could be possible with the limited provisions that survived.

Cupcake 3

From red velvet, it is now buttermilk cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It tasted good and has a girly flirty pink tone to the frosting and inside. But it is still not red velvet!!

Cupcake 1

Hoping for better luck and lesser pride the next time around!


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