Gender Bender: What’s in a name

The Man surprised me with some Chinese takeaway for dinner some days ago (guess he learnt that dinner was khichdi that day).

Man: Couple of my friends went with me to a restaurant and we got you a take away.

Me: So what did you order? (I mostly do the ordering when we go out because i L.O.V. E. food and the Man is mostly unsure of what to order or clueless about the ingredients- read further for proof)

Man: Why don’t you open and see for self? 

I opened the boxes, saw some noodles, rice, prawns and then a dish with lots of seeds. Tasted it and i realised it was aubergine (i had never imagined aubergine in a chinese gravy..that too in India).

Me: Did you guys order me baigan??!!??!  

Man: You know I wouldn’t do that…I know u don’t eat baigan at home, why will I spend money in a restaurant on an expensive dish made of baigan!!

Me: Then what is this dish?

Man: Ooh this is not baigan….this is E.G.G.P.L.A.N.T in oyster sauce!…nice naa…

Me thunks my head on the wall A.G.A.I.N!!!




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