Rajasthani Laal Maas- But with Chicken

Eat: Laal Maas

Prey: Kashmiri Red Chilly

Love: My Mum gave it a thumbs up and for the first time in our lives asked me for the recipe of the dish (i am the lowest ranked cook in the house at the moment)..so yes its a winner!

The family made a trip to Kashmir last week.

How was the place?…I was prancing around the place like Anushka Sharma in the song from Jab Tak Hai Jaan (filmy me!). But let’s just say Indian tourists can even ruin paradise!! Every beautiful lake, valley, hill, river was surrounded by discarded plastic bottles, shiny snack packets (Haldirams/Bikano/Lays should be banned in the hills), and even condoms floating on Dal Lake! In fact when I first set foot on the Dal Lake Boulevard, I narrowly escaped setting foot on a discarded diaper!!


While my co-travellers were keen on purchasing pashmina, aari work, etc, I had set my heart on Kashmiri red chilly. No matter what a place has in store for me, I always make it a point to research on the peculiar food in that particular area and if I like the food, I will end up in a local non-touristy market to purchase the ingredients.

I have major trust issues with tourist drivers, so with the help of a good natured uncle unrelated to tourist business and google, I learnt that Zaina Kadal is the local market in Srinagar. There a large number of shops offering various spices and ingredients, some of them specific to the Kashmiri Wazwan. After nagging the Man for 3 days, I finally got my bag of Kashmiri Red Chilly and I was a happy girl!..The Man was also happy because the souvenir cost him only INR 80 (for 250gms)!!

Although I had started the prep to make the Kashmiri Mirchi Korma, I was too lazy to head to the store to buy mutton. I had some chicken breast and the Rajasthani Laal Maas has been on the waiting list since a visit to Jodhpur last year around this time.


Mehrangadh Fort or Batman Fort as the guides call it now!!! (Thanks Christian Bale…. thunks head on the wall)


Again the recipe calls for mutton, but I experimented on chicken based on the recipe here. I cannot bring myself to use more than 3 tablespoon oil in a dish. So the oil on top of the dish is the 3 tablespoon oil which was used to brown the onions and some fat from the yoghurt (made from low fat milk) used in the marinade. I substituted juice of lime with vinegar.


Color is purely from the chilly..no color added by spoon or photoshop!

Endnote: Enjoy!


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