Mad About Mangoes: Ginger-Saffron-Mango Lassi

Mad About Mangoes: Ginger-Saffron-Mango Lassi

August is coming to an end and we are bidding or rather have already bid adieu to the king of fruits ‘Mango’ or Bambo/Mando as my niece calls it.

I held on tightly to the last couple of mangoes, hid them in the secret corner of the fridge, but the bad case of flu prevented me from enjoying them. The flu refuses to leave me completely, and have my I lost patience waiting to gorge on these yellow beauties. So I added some ginger as an excuse to drink the lassi to ‘soothe’ the throat! :p

In my quest to ‘know what I am eating’, I made my own yoghurt and finally succeeded. I know it is not rocket science to make yoghurt in India, but the commercial brands of yoghurt available these days are not a good ‘starter’ and yield stringy yoghurt. 😦

Eat: Ginger-Mango-Saffron Lassi

Prey: Low fat yoghurt and Mango

Love: Yeabsolutely. Ginger pairs surprising well with mango!

I am very poor at writing down measurements for a recipe. But here goes:

Blend low fat yoghurt, mango pulp, sugar, pinch of salt, few strands of saffron. Mix a few drops of freshly pressed ginger juice, whisk. Serve chilled.


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