Arranged Madness Tritiya: Meet the Boy

Continued from Arranged Madness – Part Deux

After endless search through websites, matrimonial columns, broker references, my mother did manage to find a few souls who she thought ‘matched’ her daughter’s profile. Following are the list of incidents that happened with the beaus:

(a) Conversation with Guy 1:

Guy: “what do you like to do other than work?

Ann: “i like food.. πŸ™‚

Guy: “Oooh so you are a good cook…can i expect some gourmet stuff?”

Ann: “err…by food i meant i like EATING…not cooking! I need a cook…


(b) Conversation with Guy 2:

Guy: “So you are from a ‘God fearing’ family… Who is your favourite saint?

Ann: “Eeeh?….I don’t want to be partial to any one saint and earn the wrath of the others!!


(c) Conversation with Guy 3:

Guy: “Have you eaten sushi?

Ann: “Yea…

Guy: “Can you manage chopsticks?

Ann: “As far as my reading goes, using a chopstick is not necessary for sushi..

Guy: “No…

Ann: “Yes…

Guy: “No…

Ann: “Yes…

Guy: “No…

Ann: “Yes…

Ann goes home and sends an email with a link on why using chopsticks is not necessary while eating sushi… PS: I can handle chopsticks (chopsticks cant handle me πŸ˜‰Β )


(d) Conversation with Guy 4:

Guy: “I like movies, I am looking forward to watch No One Killed Jessica

Ann (trying to evaluate the guy’s coolness quotient): “Yea me too… waiting to see who Balan makes out with in this movie, considering she does that all in her movies…

Guy: “Cool…

Ann thinks: “Me weirdo…He weirdo


And thus a poor soul decided to take a hit for the benefit of the entire male population in the world!! Be kind to him gentlemen….



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