When you wanted the notes to the bunked class,

When you wanted to discuss your latest crush,

When you wanted to get back at the high school/college meanie,

When you felt no one including your parents understood you,

When you needed a shoulder to cry on when your heart broke,

When you wanted to discuss your admiration for your intelligent boss,

When you wanted to bitch about your common enemies just to feel good,

When you wanted a stamp of approval for your fiance,

When you needed someone to run around with your wedding shopping and give an honest opinion about the hideous wedding make up,

When the chips are down,

We run to them…..


Please don’t ignore them or take them for granted because

When you retire from your job,

When your husband is bored hanging out with you,

When your children are no longer dependent on you,

When menopause strikes,

When your chin starts sprouting hair,

We will run back to them!!!

Girls night out

Happy Fraandsheep Day to my louvlies…..I have and will always make time for you… 🙂

pic not mine, may be subject to copyright


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