SpinLife India: Spinning is Winning!

If you live in my village “Gurgaon” and are tired of going to the mall for everything (from buying groceries to watching movies to going to the salon and the gym); or

If you love to wake up before the sun and watch it rise while you are surrounded by the green Aravalli Hills (especially after the recent rains) or have the stamina to go upto India Gate; or

If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to give the gym a break; or

If you want to befriend a bunch of fun yet committed men and women; or

If you just want to relive your Aamir Khan fantasy of Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar,

Meet the guys at SpinLife India. Regular desk jobs during the week and passionate cyclists by the weekend. Team comprising of Gautam, Ela and Ishan, the entire gang of cyclists redefines passion and commitment to cycling. No jazz, no fluff, just pedal your way through Gurgaon Faridabad Road, BioDiversity Park, and if your fitness permits go upto India Gate!  The team meets at 5 a.m  on weekends (i.e no partying or boozing or late nights on friday or saturday!); get your own bikes or contact them a day or 2 in advance to rent a bike for you. Check out their Facebook page to get tempted to book a ride 🙂

If you cannot wake at 4 a.m. check if Gautam takes a spin session in your gym and come 30 mins early to book your bike!

PS: SpinLife did not pay me to write this; the experience with them was enough to do so!


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