Gender Bender – Decoding Relationship Cold War

At the mall Saturday evening…

Husband: Do you want to check out something in Aldo? There is a sale going on…

Wife: NO…the sizes in Aldo don’t fit me.

Husband: Do you want to got to Paul Smith?

Wife: NO… They have only men’s clothes…why do you care, you got me into the mall at 9.30 pm when all the stores have closed for the day..

Husband: Bata is open!


Husband: Okay…

Sunday morning…

Husband wakes up at 7.30 a.m, finds his cup of tea on the table…

Husband leaves plates on the table, does not switch off lights/fans..returns and sees everything in their proper place/state.

Sunday afternoon….

Husband: Do you want to go for a movie?

Wife: NO

Husband: Last week you said you wanted to watch that movie, now what happened?

Wife: Not in the mood….

Husband: Okay….

Husband spends Sunday evening surfing internet, read movie and car reviews, watching flicks on TV…

Wife thinks I will make him suffer by not talking to him…how dare he refuse to take me for the movie last week…and this week he takes me to the mall at 9.30 p.m…HE WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS!!! I did everything so that I don’t have to talk to him…but Damn I can’t nag him!!!

Husband thinks WOW…had a whole day to myself after AGES!! and everything went exactly my way …didnt have to spend any money at the mall, didn’t have to make the mandatory Sunday morning tea…didn’t have to plead for food at 10 a.m., no weekly grocery shopping, didn’t have to watch that stupid chick flick she was talking about last week, didn’t have to switch off the lights/fan (which self respecting guy does that anyway!), didn’t have to face her random conversations and most of all NO NAGGING!! Is this a dream!!!

This my dearies is why husbands LOVE COLD WAR!!!

Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental!

(Pic courtesy:  I own nothing!)


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