I have spent more than 5 years in New Delhi and have never visited Hauz Khas Village…or as I call it ‘HK’ :~P and when i made the maiden trip recently, i regretted why i didnt go there all this while. HK Village is a world in itself…mix of old world charm (with the ruins), and some crazy kitschy art..some villagers in ghagras and designers in dhoti pants…

Under this board mercs and BMWs were parked!!!

Kaanta laaga…

Where else can one find a jogging track along side a lake in Delhi!!
Tucked away in this ‘village’ is a small place called Boheme which over looks the ‘Hauz’ (lake)…situated on the 4th floor the climb to the 4th floor is sufficient to build an appetite…
Limited menu and unlimited view of the lake

I love quaint, simple, white and blue places and Boheme just has that!! The menu is limited, largely continental. The service takes a long time…but i will not mind because this is a place to relax, chat/read a book and the food is not really the highlight…we had ordered the pizza florentine, pasta with white wine sauce and prawn and the cookie crunch cake…and food was OK… its a great place to book to host a party for 25-30 ppl…
All images captured by embarassing P with the camera.. 😉 
Some day if i ever open a restaurant, the ambience should in all likelihood will be like Boheme… :~D now i just need to hunt for a cook in my restaurant.. :~P

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