Ok so i have been absent from this space for QUITE sometime..no excuses this time…it was plain old laziness and bad time management.

For some reason this year the monsoons, which generally puts me in a laz-‘ier’ disposition, have charged me up to take up some interesting intiatives (interesting only from my prespective!). Why blogging after a two year gap one may wonder- i am now a senior…i DELEGATE work..(Muhahahahhaaaa)

An attempt will be made to feature the following activites on my blog:

(a) Eat. Prey. Love – This will largely be my science projects in the kitchen. My take on cooking with imagination. Why is this lawyer-chick doing ‘another food blog’ when we have enough and more good blogs-one may think- Simple..its for me to chronicle whatever i cooked (rather attempted to cook), so that when i run short of imagination, i know where to look. So the idea is to Eat the Prey identified for that meal and hopefully Love what i make.

(b) Reality Bites – My smart and charming neighbour S put forth the idea of creating a list some what on the lines of  a ‘bucket-list’ with respect to a city. Now her idea is before you leave a city, prepare a list of all the things you want to do in that city. Much to the neighbour’s surprise, the only thing yours truly wanted to do was go to restaurants and eat!!! So the city identified is Maximum City and Reality Bites will mostly be about the food paradises and food hells explored in the city. The food will be rated on the basis of the emotion trigged in my mind. The classification will be as follows:

           (i) Orgasmic- wen the food is SOOOOO good that u see me banging the tables in delight :~D
           (ii) Heavenly- wen the food is SOOO good that i feel at peace inside :~)
           (iii) Down to earth- wen the food is such that they should be buried down to the earth :~(

(c) Miscellaneous- Attempts will also be made revive the regular BS that i used to dish out here.

I hope to stay regular…but only time will tell…

Just tucked in some divine mutton dhansak and cutlets for lunch today- courtesy the secretary!…and btw did u know that its sleep inducing…zzzz….zzzzzz..zzzzzzz……


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