Blinking Red

A blinking red light warns us about an impending danger, be it a police van, any electrical equipment or for that matter our very own BBs!!!

Every time the red light flashes, my heart skips a beat. MS Outlook does not have the same intimidating effect…may be because, unlike the BB, I have restricted my access to MS Outlook to 11 hrs of the day.

Given below is my reaction through the day on not finding the flashing red light:

Wake up – HAPPY
Before leaving for office –how is this possible!!! is there a problem with the e-mails??
Before leaving for home- Cool..i am such a dedicated associate..finished all assignments :~)
Before going to bed – Good I can sleep in peace
5 minutes after going to bed – how is this possible!!! is there a problem with the e-mails??

No matter how engrossed one is in an assignment, that small flash of red is sufficient to distract anyone. I was getting ‘advised’ (read reprimanded) for not honing my observation skills to a 11 (on a scale of 10!!!) Then played the BBpro_Sanguine in the background and followed by the small flash of red. It made me so uncomfortable that I succumbed to the temptation and checked the phone and my senior dismissed (read chucked out) me from the room. Irony!! I should have been lauded for my observation skills!!! I observed the small flashing red light!


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