I Like

… the warm sunlight hitting my bed in the morning.

… crossing 2 km on the treadmill.

… getting wet in the rain on my way back to the gym.

… the wind in my just washed-hair on my way to office.

… putting my face out of the car while travelling through Bandra Worli Sea link.

… tucking in Naturals Mango ice cream on a bored afternoon in office.

… full sleeves on formal shirts and wide neckline on civils.

… chick-flick on a Thursday night, sitcoms on other nights.

… salsa class with Y and N on Sunday.

… cheerful music in the morning and blues in the evening on FM Gold.

… 3 teaspoon sugar and ginger and lots of milk in my tea.

… long chats with friends at night.

Anything out of order, I dislike. No wonder they say girls so finicky!!! :~


2 thoughts on “I Like

  1. Hello again!(after a very long time I might add)Was reading some of my old posts on my blogs and came across your comments. Haven't blogged in a while. Should knuckle down to it. Lovely reading your posts again. :)Cheers!

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