The year started with me at 62.5 kgs and it is ending on a bloated note too.

The year was an important one in my life- my LLM, my first job, my first business card, my one and only convocation and my one and only niece- Isabel (towards the end of the year).

This was the year of travel- UK, Netherlands, Germany, Brussels, France, Monte Carlo [was I at London School of Eco or Lets See Europe!!??!!!]

This is also the year where I saw nearly 50 % if my friends and all cousins younger than me get married and pregnant.

Next year i am hoping we will all come out 0f the financial crisis as stronger & humble individuals.

Till then to all my relatives, friends and acquaintences who are worrying abt my ‘unmarried’ status- “This is the year of recession and i am trying to cut costs. No unnecessary expenditure this year…”

A Happy, Healthy and Posperous New year to one and all….


7 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. BOO!!!:DAhem… remember me?:D :DB’lated HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR girlfriend!And (GASP) what’s this I see? A lady who’s not afraid to tell the world how much she weighs??? STOP PRESS!!Lol!!!Sounds like you’ve had one hell of a 2008. CONGRATS on all counts!!! 😀

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