When IZZZ she gonna come???

We will soon touch another milestone….
Chech supposedly feels like a jumbo jet. Chettan drinks cerelac-tini, served in a chilled glass [shaken not stirred]. Mommie dearest is now with Chech. Dad, otherwise anti-baby man, now acknowledges presence of other stranger babies who are next to him in public places. I am dreading the name i will be called [Auntyauntyaunty…..]. This blog turned pink be hoping it would be a girl….
Short point, we are all waiting for u Iz! :~D (praying for your safe landing)

7 thoughts on “When IZZZ she gonna come???

  1. @maneeshhopefully usse pehle aa jaye woh!@dhanyabrand new niece sounds like a new product off the super mkt shelf :~P but i like the useage of that phrase!!! :~D thank u for your prayers…@ mathewin all probability her first word will be ‘kidullamm’!

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