Week 1-3 Excitment to Dejection

Week 1-3

The excitement of the new job has waned away..these days I only feel stupid…I correct my previous statement- I no longer want to ‘prove my worth’ but just want to know WHAT am I supposed to do and HOW!!???!!!

Sitting in a dejected mood after failing the 3,4, 5th senior in office and most importantly MYSELF :~( :~(

A ray of optimism- hope these days will soon be over…


13 thoughts on “Week 1-3 Excitment to Dejection

  1. Hang in there. These things happen. Learn from your mistakes and improvise as you go. But most importantly keep a cool head. If you panic, things will only get worse. So dont fret. It’s a phase.

  2. 2 years back… when me with my strong mallu accent was getting my training done at my then workplace I was always a point of ridicule because of the way I said cousin.. “cobra ka beta” i used to be called hehe.. cusssin bolta tha mai :Dso while my presnetations training was going on and everyone used to point out how i should speak i was waiting for my written assignments to be done.. i knew thats where I will give it back coz there one can’t have an accent.. i knew I would kick some ass in it..the written assignments came and my first mail was compeltely pink ..pinker than your blog (mistakes were color coded – green – approved, blue-could hav been better, red-drastic mistake, pink- wtf are you thinkin) .. I was so disheartened.. I was wondering what am I doing in the company if I cant speak or write.. things went worse.. the mails stayed pink and everyone used to look forward to my reviews so that they can laugh at it..even those whose assignments were being reviewed, they were a tad better and as a group we were a collosal failure.. I once told a fucker that dude I can really write better mails and he laughed on my face I wanted to quit..I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or how to make my mails black or at least elss colorful.. the suggestions weren’t useful, they just pointed mistakes, not how to correct them..things went worse when a guy in another batch was told “when did u start writing like him” pointing at me when he made a mistake..I was just a kid fresh out of college and when your manager says something like that in front of everyone you just want to die..Anyway after a good 1 month went in ridicule and mockery, and my mails showed signs of improvement..took the feedback reworked and rewrote without being asked to..and just like that one day my mail went black.. everyone was surprised.. they again laughed on the fact that they didn get to laugh today… I also laughed with them, guess I knew my mails were never going to be pink again.. it just took 3 more mails for everyone else to realize as well that my mails won’t be pink anymore.. once our training was done and we went live.. the dude who laughed at me when I told him I can write better used to came to me every other day asking for help ..pissed off client – how to soothe him with a mail..no one writes better emails than me..as my new boss says – it is as if u went there and gave her hug and said fuck off and she didn’t even mind it.. when he read a mail I sent:D

  3. @everyonei know it is a phase and i hope it shall pass soon..redeemed some of it…but i still have a loooonng way to go to become purrfect@alexthanx…@brati like my work, altho not the clothes i have to wear@stutithanx darling…@heymoo..thanx…and enjoy london!! :~D@rolfinhey great going…i find tht i make a change and then when it is review i realise my blunder and cringe…but hope i will improve…@ap, dhanyathank u both of u…yeah jus waiting for this phase to pass soon…@salilthe fact that i am blogging today means i dnt hv much work…but i blame it on the slump in the markets@hariyes yes it is stess-buster blogging..guilty as charged@bindu, aishwaryathank u ladies…hoping that i get better at my work.. :~D

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