Annie McBeal Vol II.

I hit myself hard on the back of my head for not paying any attention to this littal space of mine. I have lots to tell…from ‘jurisdictional’ adventures in Europe to domestic mishaps at home. But for now i am back to my Ann McBeal avtaar- the lawyer lost in a corporate firm, sitting among men speaking in corporate jargons (i am the only other female lawyer in the place :~O, the other feminine touch is a senior with truckloads of knowledge and experience). The expectations from me are high because of the 9 month vacation i had in london and at a personal level- a huge challenge to prove my once again i take the liberty to ignore this space till i get some spare time (backslap myself again!).

PS I cannot say ‘miss me’ because i presume by now u have all ‘forgotten’ me!!


11 thoughts on “Annie McBeal Vol II.

  1. Ally McBeal?!>! Try a Boston legal's Shirley Schmidt! :)Besties. Corporate lawyer-ship eh…reminds me of a joke my prof cracked in a Co. Law class the other day >>>How many corporate attorneys does it take to change a light bulb? Who knows, you need 250 just to lobby for the research grant.

  2. congratschulashans..:)now your snaps would be like a mastermind behind a chessboard and all na.. figuring out section 123 and 404 with agreements that no one would understand.. and oh my god you will b billin every hour n stuff also na…I have a lawyer friend now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› mai kuch bhi kar sakta hoo

  3. @mathewthank u thank u…as long as markets are down we will have some respite, but that will soon reflect in the pay package :~(@ alexThanx…ooh u wanted to be one..well u still can…jus three years of study after a graduation…nothing stops u :~)..but hey we dont want competition@hakunamy firm will plan to get some FDI and for a company that will specialise in chaanging bulbs :~D Ally is clumsy and so am i to some identify with her@d-grailold job, new status and longer hours :~|@maneeshtu company shuru karega toh hi help karoongi..ladki ko chedega karega toh nahi :~P

  4. NAHHIIIIIII!!!!!!! mein tumhare bache ki maa bane wali hoon!!! or something to that effect…just to add the cherry to the already awesome sundae…you TAGGED… yes again…MWUHAHAHHHAA…

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