Blog Break…

Spring is in season…i am in amsterdam, finally learned to travel around this place on my own…visited some lovely fishing and windmill villages, met one of the best tattooist in amsterdam and realised wat a down-to-earth woman she is, was hit at by a middle-aged indian uncle in the sex museum (now i am hardly the kinds who gets a ‘look’ from a guy, forget even a second look…and wen i do manage to get lucky, its a 35 yr old man and watte choice of location!!!)…was comfortably lazing around with Mum n Dad in town…and then i saw my study materials and passed out…!!!..So a blog break taken to do the much needed studying as exams are jus 2 months away!!!..See u all in sometime….hoping to remain sane by then…hopefully will have cleared my exams too….Cheers…

(PS: if i scrap or ping anyone of u please remind me to study :~()


10 thoughts on “Blog Break…

  1. did you find out if she could do a tattoo for me? and more importantly… did you pick something up from the sex museum as memoirs and I don mean middle aged men who still go humming abhi toh mein jawan hoon…

  2. gut gut..alles go and study thatsection B/constitutional amendments/Lord harrington rights act 1936/ledgerCam pretty sure that would be a ten marks question.. ;-Pgood luck with your exams…

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