Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

Your gift for this Christmas orphan was purrfect. This proves that I have been a good girl this year. I am not going to be lonely for Christmas. :~). But I also know that I am the punishment you are giving that couple in Amsterdam for being very naughty this year. ;~)


!!!Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

PS: Mum i am missing your plum cake and that famous mallu Ann’s bakery cake still makes me nauseous.
PPS: New year resolution- to stop laughing like a hynea…

13 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. wish you a merry x’mas..and have a great time in amsterdam..Btw you could have avoided reminding me of the cake from Ann’s goin Spain tomm..:-P

  2. Hello Ann, could not drop by earlier…bookmarked your page but could not read much as I am going crazy with all the holiday preparations and stuff ….Nice to know that you ve some friends there for company…Merry X’mas and enjoy your holidays :)Shn

  3. oh and i just see im not linked from ur blog…may u slog ur ass of this new yr eve… and die a slow painful excruciating death after which u’d do ur time in hell for all eternity…alternately u cld add the link…

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