From Walled City to Maximum City

2 months in Bombay and my good self can see the difference between saddi dilli and amchi mumbai. here are a few…..

1) first and foremost- I don’t think I am short anymore! (the delhi crowd gave me a complex!)

2) fat aunties with low neck crepe suits and fatter uncles yapping in punjabi have given way to fit dada and dadis jabbering in marathi

3) neon colored polythene lifafas have been replaced by psychedelic prints- wali thaili

4) sweaters have given way umbrellas and rain coats

5) no more papdi chat, dahi bhalley, chole bhature, jus vada pav, pav bhaji, pav samosa, pav this, pav that

6) bbye golgappe, hello pani puri :~(

7) no more lecherous looking uncles, infact hardly any leching these days and a man to woman conversation happens eye to eye (thank god)

8) um still trying to find a woman who wears make up, as contrasted to the quintessential delhi woman with all the make up on her face 24/7

9) sleek metro is no longer a luxury, only ur local Mumbai local

10) we have gateway of India instead of India Gate

11) green colored CNG buses replaced by red colored BEST buses with all directions written in marathi except ‘Purchase your ticket’

11) no more nosey neighbors or prying public, only the bindaas bombayite, who can be very impersonal at times

12) paneer has been elevated to the status of “Chef’s Special” and so has its cost(!!)

13) I no longer begin my day hearing MC, BC and its cousins

14) I am learning to value time

15) I am enjoying the sense of independence that Mumbai has given me!!!!


14 thoughts on “From Walled City to Maximum City

  1. 1. Women of my mothers age carrying of a skirt with elan and am not talking about the Bandra-Colaba crowd.2. South-ext is Colaba3. SN replaced with well nothing comes close :(4. people actually telling you the correct direction instead of saying seedhe jaake dayein mud jana5. women on streets after 9. after 10. after 11. i think the first time i saw that i doubted their moral character. jus sme points to add to the delhi-mum thing…btw am totally in love with maximum city esp after my job stint

  2. but I love the MC BC part… thats wat truly differentiates a true dilli walla from bbay people… the innate sense to come up with the most creative form of abuses in the history of mankind…

  3. ooooh….. thnkx zenmaster!!!(*embarrassed at ignorance*)hmmm… but it isnt all THAT innovative, is it? i mean every northie here uses both interchangeably… not that gen public get either!

  4. never ever been to either of the cities fortunately or unfortunately…but nw i can at least cmpare themu write gr8..m a fan and regular readerkeep blogging and postingadieu

  5. Welcome back to Mumbai nagariya girl!! Vow! Jst 2 months n u’v already got so many things to write about… n in the process u’v made me all the more homesick! Mumbai here I come πŸ™‚

  6. she must b havin a bank balance bigger than mine… doesn matter now that u r here…n who said there ain lecherous men in bombay .. we also lech

  7. hiya ann… man you seem to be having a blast in mumbai!me just got back from mumbai yesterday morning after spending quite some time out there… (a month in mumbai, a week in goa, a week in mumbai and back in goa … for now…)catch ya sometime soon!

  8. ok u look taller…n fairer..n happening…bt u to alwyz commntin on punjabi men n hot lookin punjabi babes..rember akshay is punjabi munda me..muahahahaha:)

  9. @cashew84wow somebody missed me..thanx@eljoremember we r no any converts, we r modern day gypsies, have no place to call our own!@ d_grailthank u for the input & they hv ur trademark sense of humor@zenmasteryes i miss the morning wid MC BC and thnx for helping mark iv@mark ivthe northies in ur area may not be from mumbai@ vishalthanx. dont take this as a user manual for these cities@hemanti am sorry, agar itna miss kar raha toh aaja mumbai!!@nihalnice to see u again@varunpunjus are good to look at, nothing more sadly

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