Smart Girl

‘Just wat have u done to ur hair….kid are u alright’!!!! thus screamed mother.

“nindey mudi (ur hair)…this costed u a grand!!!!”- dad joined in wid that disapproving look.

few weeks back…..

mum plz let me get it done..plz plz plz…look at my hair, when i tie it up it looks like ageing horses tail (no more the perky ‘pony’tail)

but do u think it worth all the chemicals, u r not a kid now, u know we have to go to kerala this year…

mum plz plz plz……

go and ask dad

dad i wanna do something to my hair, u wont understand wat it is. but its gonna cost”(sheepish grin)

how much

‘one grand’

“ONE GRAND!!!!’ (muscles tense, eyes turn red..thankfully breathing returns to normal)…listen u r a responsible girl…i hope u know wat u r doing.” (that means i wont buy u a wig if burn all ur hair)

and wat did responsible girl do???…she underwent ‘permanent waving’ (perm for the uninitiated)….hey then y this reaction- preity zinta, meg ryan, nicole kidman, even oprah looked good….because some ppl also end up looking like this.
no i didnt grow a mush tho thankfully!!!

(i didnt bother much abt the formatting..i have hair to take care of)


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