Being Balbir Singh…..

“Bhaiyya mai….”
-(oh no not again!!…y God y do u do this to me….)
Jee theek hai”
-(1 2 3 jerk….wow it didnt turn off today)

“bhaiyya station change karna…yeh wala nahi…102”
-(there she goes …changing the station again..she cant control the wheel and she wants to multitask!)

“haan…hi yaar…kaisi hai”
-(damn these cell fones..the light has turned green..the cars behind are honking..hang up will u!)
“woh gaadi peechey horn maar rahi hai”
haan haan bhaiyya ek minute…chal vidhi rakti hoon…bye”

-(ridge road..thank heavens its a straight road, no bends or turns.. smooooth)
-(wat the….)
“gaddha dekhke”

“bhaiyya parking mein dal dena”
-(Another day another ride is over and am ALIVE!!!!)

Thoughts of our driver and trusted friend, Balbir Singh ji when i am driving. He has a family to feed and no insurance policy for cover, but fought all odds to ‘try’ teaching me to drive. Its been 5 yrs since i got d licence, but i cant control the wheel or park or take reverse, but i can drive straight…straight into a ditch! And he still has hope…..


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  1. about salsa, well i didnt have a partner myself as most of my friends were out of state working. met this girl at the dance class itself and we hit it off there. 🙂 it is a lovely dance to learn and heck of a way to make new friends 🙂

  2. ball of a time on friday. classes get over this wednesday. so it’s more or less practices of all that we’ve learnt so far. the thrill that u get when u manage to dance to an entire song… and with all spins and glitzy moves 😉 man it’s EXHILARATING!

  3. this is nothing ppl..wait till she describes how she starts her car with the AC running in summers….its really fun -sitting at the back of the car wen shez driving..after every 5 min the car would stop with a jerk,n the driver would quickly try to turn off the AC,bt in vain..,(sighhh) ..vicious circle!!!:P

  4. Hi! Well I finished off with a month of salsa and we just started off with Tango a couple of days ago. Unfortunately for me my dance partner aint around this time as she’s got exams coming up so looks like I gotta make-do with another gal 🙂

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